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HDPE: Custom Heads

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$4.00 - $15.00
Wall Thickness:
Pilot Holes (Optional):
Our HDPE heads are built around 3400 series HDPE pipe and are cut from straight stock, never coiled. We offer them in sizes ranging from 4"(101.6mm) to 7"(177.8mm) in 1/4"(6.35mm) increments. We also offer the most common cutout patterns to save you time and hassle. Guide lines are drawn onto the pipe at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees so you can measure back from the end and set your shaft and bolt wherever and at whatever angle you like. In addition, 1/4" pilot holes are available centered at 90 and 270 degrees for standard 90 degree mounting. This eliminates the time it takes to measure. Just simply widen the hole to fit your shaft.
  "Tournament Lite" heads emphasize reduced weight and are about 25% lighter than "Pick-Up Tough" heads of the same length. They have a thinner wall than the utility pipe you've been "borrowing" and using for years. They're made from the exact same grade of plastic, so it will wear and play the way you're used to, there is just less material to grind away. These heads are ideal for smooth surfaces and tournament play. But if you're a weight wienie or a player who wants the most agile possible mallet head in their hands, this is the series for you.
• Weight(Before Drilling):
       Single  Double  Uncapped
   7" = 126g    140g     112g
   6" = 110g    124g      96g
   5" =  94g    108g      80g
   4" =  78g     92g      64g
• Outside Diameter: 2 3/8" (60mm)
• Inside Diameter:  2.079" (52.8mm) Approx. 2 1/16"
• Wall Thickness:   0.140" (3.5mm)  Approx. 1/8"
   "Pick-Up Tough" heads emphasize durability. Heavier than it's "Lite" brother but twice the wall thickness. These are the equivalent of the utility pipe you've been using from the start. If you play on really rough courts, go through mallets faster than anyone else due to your heavy shot, or aren't disciplined about which end you shoot with, these are what you're looking for.
• Weight(Before Drilling):
       Single  Double  Uncapped
   7" = 171g    185g     164g
   6" = 147g    154g     141g
   5" = 124g    130g     117g
   4" = 100g    107g      94g
• Outside Diameter: 2 3/8" (60mm)
• Inside Diameter:  1.917" (48.8mm) Approx. 2"
• Wall Thickness:   0.216" (5.5mm)  Approx. 1/4"
   Our capped option features a flat, square-to-the-pipe shooting surface, molecularly fused to the pipe to create one solid mass.This eliminates any need for screws or pins to attach your cap to your head. The caps are machined from pipe-grade HDPE with extra material where shooting, shuffling, and posting commonly grind heads away. This will give you a longer life span from a capped head versus open pipe. However, the true advantage of a capped head is increased shot accuracy and power. We offer two versions:
Single capped heads are capped at one end and open pipe at the other. Geared more toward ball control and balanced play, these allow for ball jointing, scooping, digging, etc. The logo sticker is placed on the capped side to help you know which end is facing your shot at a glance. 
Double capped heads are capped at both ends. Geared more toward offensive play, this eliminates any hesitation and the need for head flipping before you shoot. These are ideal for strikers that want access to a hitting surface instantly.
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